Software development

Your business may need assistance with software development for embedded, personal computer, server, and cloud platforms.

Information Technology (IT)

We can assist your company with all IT related tasks.

Quality assurance

We test software and hardware products to meet the design requirements.

Technical support

We can provide your customers with technical support.

Technical sales

We study your products and services to help your company with marketing and sales. We work with your business to understand the needs of prospective and existing clients.

Industrial automation

We can assist your company with any industrial automation project. Your company may need assistance with troubleshooting, sourcing, installation, configuration, and programming.

Research, technical, and fundamental analysis

Your company may need assistance to develop indicators and expert advisors for a trading platform. We can also assist your business with due diligence tasks.

Product development

We will work with your company to help develop software and hardware products. We gather the project requirements, complete design and quality assurance tasks, and assist in the certification process.

Electronics repair

We identify why your electronic equipment has failed and whether it can be repaired by replacing electronic components.

Document management

Your company may need to keep certain documentation up-to-date for regulatory compliance. Accurate documentation can also help your employees with resolving production problems.

Data analytics

We collect and analyze data from sensors, machines, and systems.

Outsourcing of a specific business function

We are interested in working to assist your company with any business function.